Paola Ran

Paola Ran was born in Padova and since her child hood has been passionate about
the study of dance which for years was her profession.
At the same time she began studying art in Padova and Venice, working in artisan studios, atelier and studies of artists in Florence, where she deepened several painting techniques like frescoes , the pull, mixed techniques in chalk, gauzes, woven and pigment powders. Moving to Milan, she has continued independently the pictorial study of styles, in particular the landscapes, still life, portraits, and copy, working in Italy and foreign countries;
Hers works have met their role in the realization of sceneries for performances and fashion shows (Canali, Parah, Off Limits) photographic backdrops used in calendars and publicity catalogues (Sony Genicom, Inarca), advertisement
spots, various interior decorations like villas, offices, ateliers and show rooms (Espace Agency c/o Unforgettable) fashion companies (Anselmo Dionisio) pubs (bar Roialto, Lounge bar Milano) and private houses. The artworks"pop party 1" and "pop party 2" appeared in commercial “Tre tappi di Campari Soda”
She continues in her personal pictorial and stylistic search that moves her to exhibit in several trendy spaces, multi stores and show rooms (Visionnaire, Tea Rose, TAD, Cavallini).
Paola Ran lives and works in Milan, Koln and New York.

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