Paola Ran
"AD"March 2001

"io Donna"november 2003

"Carnet"April 2004

"Flair Living"September 2004

"Elle Decor"October2004 locali

"Elle Decor"October 2004 sphinxs

"Elle Decor"October 2004 pop

"Elle Decor"October 2004 Milano

"BOX53"April 2005 Roialto

"BOX53"April 2005 Milano

"Psychologies"April 2005

"AD"july 2005

"Elle Decor"December 2006 eventi 2

"Brava Casa" April 2007

The sure formal elegance comes to her, nearly sure, from the formation in the world of the dance, in which music and body talk together and  they interpret in the most smooth and light theatricality, redesigning spaces and fusing melodic movement with memory and truth, emotion and wait.

Paola Ran has for a long time turned in stable way its interest for the harmony to the visual arts, as arts applied to furnishings experiences, of staging, of interpretation, atmosphere integration and characterization, but also like personal search, story of her, modulation of an able expressive figure to tell and to tell themselves.

It attests by the autobiographic and self-portrait character, of many works. In they, the predilection for the sequence like deepening of emotions, short existential analysis, of synthetic vivid description of a translate intimate movement in light silhouette that  cross wide chromatics  fields  that now are lowered as  become lean yourself in the tenderness and in the reflecting quiet of the memory, now is ignited of recovered contemplative energy. 

The figure maintains its hieratic composures, like affirmation of the intangibility of the deep identity from the many vicissitudes of the everyday, from the crossed experiences. On one side “modiglianesca” the formal citation from the other african (the tension all to delineate of the cursive sign and the lengthen necks) become emblem of searched expressive styling and knowledge of herself, of ability to watch itself to the mirror and inside, supporting the restlessness of the evocative glance, fixing minimal variations that extend the rhythms and the webbings of the time, until lose the sense of the margins.

Giorgio Segato
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